LaserTV - Big picture, little space

Ultra-short distance projection or LaserTV offers numerous advantages over conventional projection methods. With a projection distance of only a few centimetres, large screen diagonals of 80 to 130 inches and more can be achieved, enabling an immersive viewing experience.
With an RGB triple laser, LaserTV achieve very high brightness and contrast compared to conventional projectors, which often use weaker lamps.
This bright and clear image provides LaserTV with good visibility even in well-lit rooms.
In addition, the latest image optimisation functions are used.
Dolby Vision and HDR are two technologies that take the visual experience of movies and TV shows to a new level. Both technologies enable higher picture quality and a more immersive viewing experience for the viewer.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and refers to a technology that offers higher brightness, contrast and colour depth. By using HDR, images can be made brighter and darker, resulting in a more realistic and detailed picture. Colours are also more realistic and natural, resulting in an immersive viewing experience.
Dolby Vision is another technology that builds on HDR and was developed by Dolby Laboratories. It offers even higher picture quality by using a wider colour gamut, higher brightness and a dynamic metadata system. With Dolby Vision, filmmakers can perform precise calibration of brightness and colour depth to present the image exactly as it was intended.

user to use the device as the central point of their entertainment system and have different content from different sources played back.
In addition, LaserTVs often have state-of-the-art operating systems that allow seamless integration of streaming services and other online content. These operating systems offer a user-friendly interface and a variety of features that make it easy for users to find and enjoy different content.

Another advantage of LaserTVs is the ease of installation and maintenance. Due to the small projection distance, the device does not require a large space, making it easy to install in any room. In addition, LaserTVs are often more energy efficient than traditional projectors as they generate less heat and consume less energy.
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